Governance, equity, and global markets


Governance, equity, and global markets: the Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics, Europe (édité avec Joseph Stiglitz), Oxford University Press, 324 pages, 2001.

Over the last half century, Europe has gradually built institutions for a regional economic integration which was both desired and controlled. In this era of globalized markets, which policies and which institutions are best suited to foster development and equity? In initiating this open and pluralistic debate among academics and decision-makers, this European conference on development should contribute to the emergence of a better global governance.

Pierre-Alain Muet, Adviser to the French Prime Minister

The conference aims to energize the community of European development economists at a time when their expertise in market infrastructure is proving invaluable to governments and societies struggling to make markets work. By bringing together leading thinkers and policymakers in Europe, the Bank is extending its global research network and widening its scope of economic analysis to emphasize questions of social protection, stability, and economic decision-making.

Joseph E. Stiglitz, Senior Fellow, the Brookings Institution

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